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Summer is the time when nature blooms in all its glory and virtual worlds become even more appealing.

We are proud to announce that after a year of development, on July 28th we are ready to open the doors of our well-designed server to you!

Closed beta test  on our playground will begin in closer to mid-February, and in the meantime, you can take part in discussions on our forum and familiarize yourself with upcoming promotions and contests.  This is something you have not seen yet!

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Announcement of the server FOXPW NEW!

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About our project

FOX PW is a server that we have been working on for over a year, every day, with love for the cause and the game we love, we listened to the opinion of players to show you the most interesting bug cast/instant cast project.

In addition to the fact that the project is invested not a small amount of money, we have put our soul into it - thousands of hours of labor and love for the game Perfect World. We are ready to announce a really large-scale opening at the end of July 2023. We will be glad to see everyone!

With love, administration of the FOXPW.COM project!

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